The Comfortable, Original Yuba Soba Restaurant

the soba machine at Uoyou

Fujiya's Yuba, a Long-loved Classic

Yuba (aka tofu skin) is made from a film forms on the surface of boiled soymilk. We use fried n' rolled yuba, freeze-dried tofu wrapped in yuba, and zenmai (the young leaves of an osmund fern) wrapped in yuba from the long-established Fujiya in Nikko. We flavor those 3 types of yuba properly and put them on handmaid soba and serve as our yuba soba.

Nikko's Gensoba, Homemade Flour

We grind Nikko's local buckwheat "Gensoba" on a millstone in our restaurant.

Top-selling Menu

Yuba(tofu skin) Soba/Udon..................1300 yen
Nikko Maitake(mushroom) Soba/Udon.....1100 yen
Chitake(mushroom) Soba/Udon..............1100 yen
Warabi(bracken) Soba is also recommended (early summer limited menu).

12 minutes walk from Nikko Station

Please feel free to drop in and enjoy our foods.

Yuba Soba
Yuba Soba  1300yen
Mori Soba
Mori Soba(piled soba)  600yen
Kinome Udon
Kinome(leaf bud) Udon  800yen

What's New

"Warabi Soba", which is polular for every season, is unavailable for the moment due to the difficulty of getting warabi (bracken).
Our restaurant is open with care for infection prevention, and we hope you stop by.
"Warabi Soba" (bracken soba) has started again this year. We will be closed on May 3, 2019 for a town event.
Awaited "Warabi Soba" (bracken soba) season has started. Please enjoy the unique texture.
Cherries started blooming early this year, and now is the best time to see cherry blossoms in Nikko. "Tour to Walk around Cherry Blossom Spots in Nikko" will begin. Gokomachi Parking will be free. Please see Nikko Kinugawa Travel Guide for details.
"Warabi Soba" (bracken soba) is now available. We have local sake "Nikkoji" (300ml 600yen). Please enjoy it with warabi.
"Tour to Walk around Cherry Blossom Spots in Nikko" begins this year too. Please enjoy the late spring. Refer to Nikko Kinugawa Travel Guide for more information.
Now we have Warabi Soba for this year. Enjoy the beginning of summer.
"Tour to Walk around Cherry Blossom Spots in Nikko" will start at April 8th. Please see Nikko Kinugawa Travel Guide for details.
The web site is up. We hope to receive your continued patronage in the future.

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Location (⇒Google Map)

Uoyou Map
593 Gokoumachi, Nikko-shi, Tochigi
Phone : 0288-54-0333


12 mins from JR/Tobu Nikko Station.
5 mins by car from Nikko Interchange of Nikko-Utsunomiya Expressway.
Across from the Native district center, along Route 119.
There are parking space for 3 cars.

Open Hours

11:00 - 15:00
We have irregular holidays.


Seats: 25 at tables, 8 at zashiki
Beverages: We have local sake, local beer, etc.
-We are sorry, we don't accept reservations.
-We do not accept credit cards.
-All seats are no-smoking.

Nikko Umaimono Kai